The Mummy – Exclusive Interview With Director Alex Kurtzman

Although The Mummy (review) is only Alex Kurtzman’s second feature film directing credit, he’s credited with writing some pretty huge blockbusters (Star Trek Into Darkness, The Amazing Spider-Man, and the list goes on) so he’s savvy on entertainment for the… Continue Reading

The Mummy – Exclusive Interview with Courtney B. Vance and Jake Johnson

In Universal’s latest resurrection of The Mummy (review) (which is directed by Alex Kurtzman), Tom Cruise stars as devil-may-care graverobber, Nick Morton. Nick is in the military, but he’d rather be plundering the riches of long-dead Egyptian royalty. He rattles… Continue Reading

The Mummy – Tour Dr. Jekyll’s Prodigium in VR; Dracula’s Skull and The Creature’s Arm Spotted!

The Mummy Dracula

In our third story of the day focusing on Universal’s Dark Universe, we now have a couple of screenshots from a new VR website entitled The Prodigium, which is what Dr. Jekyll (Russell Crowe) calls his collection of otherworldly specimens… Continue Reading

Universal Pictures Announces the Dark Universe and Lays Out Future Plans

We all know that Universal is getting into the cinematic universe game alongside Marvel and DC by creating an action/adventure horror series built around the studio’s classic Monsters. Now it seems like they’re ready to go full force into this… Continue Reading