Have a Laugh with this Clip from iZombie Episode 2.02 – Zombie Bro

In tomorrow night’s Episode 2.02 of “iZombie,” Liv turns into a “Zombie Bro” after ingesting the brains of a frat boy, a situation that’s bound to produce some laughs for viewers.  Check out this clip to see what we mean.… Continue Reading

Grumpy Old Liv Enlists Blaine in this Clip from iZombie Episode 2.01; Six Reasons to Watch!

Another pair of videos to help promote tonight’s Season 2 kick-off of “iZombie” (Episode 2.01, “Grumpy Old Liv”) have arrived; and we have them both for you right here. First, courtesy of TV Guide, Liv (Rose McIver) is forced to… Continue Reading

iZombie: Recap of Season Finale Episode 1.13 – Blaine’s World; Teaser for Season 2

The season finale of “iZombie” (Episode 1.13, “Blaine’s World”) brings us right back into the world of the villainous Blaine and his hulking sidekick Julien. They’ve still got Major locked away in a freezer and are hunting for the brains… Continue Reading