Top 10 Horror Movies that Deserve a Sequel

Jack Brooks

Horror fans often complain about sequels, due to the endless glut of them that have a tendency to decrease in quality with each new entry.  However, every once in a while a movie comes along that calls for one, and… Continue Reading

10 Awesome Original Songs Written for Horror Movies

Music has proven itself to be an integral part of our favorite horror films, to the point that iconic scores like Halloween and Psycho are as important to the enduring popularity of those classics as the stories and characters themselves.… Continue Reading

Master Genre Producer John Dunning Promises Return of Canuxploitation

Source Name: Fangoria Source Url: Post Thumb: /apr11/bheart.jpg Now here is some news that makes me positively thrilled. Any horror fan worth their salt is familiar with the fantastic work of producer John Dunning and his output of classics… Continue Reading

New Halloween Horror Nights Behind-the-Scenes Video

Curious about what types of terrors you’re going to be experiencing at Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights 2009? We’ll we’ve got the skinny on a preview for you, so steady yourself and prepare for a quick glimpse at just a few… Continue Reading