Death Comes For All in Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War III’s Launch Trailer

With a Metacritic score of 82%, Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War III already looks like a classic. Releasing on April 27,  the launch trailer for Relic Entertainment’s brutal real-time strategy game looks suitably epic. As is the case with most… Continue Reading

At the End of Fear, Oblivion; Robert Englund Voices Scarecrow in New Injustice 2 Character Trailer

One of the most recognizable murderous psychopaths in comic book history is about to be played by one of the most popular horror actors in Hollywood, as Robert Englund has taken to Twitter to confirm rumors that he’ll be voicing… Continue Reading

Augmented Horror Experience Night Terrors: The Beginning Now Free on iPhone

Night Terrors

Way back in November, I reluctantly admitted that a 99¢ iPhone app was making me its bitch. Night Terrors: The Beginning is the kind of thing that makes living alone hell. I’m already the kind of jittery freak that thinks… Continue Reading

Fight Giant Sharks In Man O’ War: Corsair – Warhammer Naval Battles; Launching on April 19

Whilst the recently announced Total War: Warhammer II will depict the battles that take place within the land of the Warhammer Fantasy world, we’re also about to bear witness to some of the conflicts that take place on the high… Continue Reading

Time for Gore and Profanity! Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition Available Now

It’s time to wallow in pervasive profanity and extreme gore once again, as Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition has launched on PC and consoles. From the Press Release: Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition is the definitive Bulletstorm experience that includes all existing… Continue Reading

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare’s Shaolin Shuffle Brings Zombies To 1970s New York City

Things are about to heat up for Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare with the new Shaolin Shuffle zombie adventure. Releasing as part of the Continuum DLC pack, Shaolin Shuffle will be set in 1970s New York City, where afro hairstyles… Continue Reading

Exclusive: We’ve Got a Rough Timetable for the Final Release of We Happy Few

A few days ago it was announced that Gold Circle Films and dj2 Entertainment will be adapting the rogue-like game We Happy Few into a feature-length title. No other confirmed information was associated with the news, and dj2’s website estimates that… Continue Reading

Universal’s Classic Monsters and Video Games That Featured Them

With a new cinematic universe being based around the Universal movie monsters starting this summer, I found myself thinking back on when these creatures first made their impact upon me. Since I was a kid who loved video games, I… Continue Reading