AFM 2013: Random Artwork: The Woman in Black: Angel of Death, Witching and Bitching, Bela Kiss, Saturday Morning Massacre, Exit to Hell, and All Hallows’ Eve

Post Thumb: /stock/afm.jpg Why so much artwork for just one story? Doesn’t each title merit its own space on the news block? Of course, however, the above-mentioned titles are a bit of a special case. Simply put, when it comes… Continue Reading

Kristina Klebe to Feel the Sting of the Bela Kiss: Prologue

Source Name: Official Bela Kiss: Prologue Website Source Url: Post Thumb: /dec12/belas.jpg Around here we love us some Kristina Klebe. She just shines, man, and breathes life into every role that she takes from the serious to the absurd.… Continue Reading