Demon Inside, The (2017)

Starring Joseph Rene, Madeline Thelton, Chloe Lee

Directed by Joey Moran

Latching onto the “paranormal possession” reins, director Joey Moran uses both fair amounts of subtle humor and horror to effectively transport his work of a family’s home under siege from malevolent spirits – it’s called The Demon Inside, and it’s time to walk through the front door to this house of horrors…wipe your feet, please.

Starring Joseph Rene as Sam Parsons, a man whose recent stint behind bars has left him somewhat of an emotional cripple, and only the hope of reuniting with his wife (Thelton) and young daughter (Lee) can snap him out of this funk. However, Sam’s troubles only compound into that of a much greater entity when those misbehavin’ ghouls come a knockin’ on the door to his family’s abode, and these suckers are spooky and nasty, to boot. Faced with no options left after more than a few terrorizing circumstances, he enlists the help of the “Ghost Killers” (I’m serious) to storm his castle and (hopefully) oust these offending sinister souls. What works for this trio of paranormal exterminators is the framework of their actions – using humor to act as a counter-agent to a unrepentant work ethic that swears to lay waste to any invading ghosts – pretty successful creation-point.

The performances, while a bit hokey at times from the Ghost Killers, are in fact meant to poke a bit of fun at all the “reality” shows on TV these days, and it’s a nice measure to help compliment the story in its progression. Actually, all of the acting within this film is well-performed, especially considering that this is a small-budgeted production – diamonds in the rough, I guess? Moran goes the smart route and doesn’t show what’s meant to scare us too much, making it all the more creepy, in essence – you don’t want to go to the well too many times and the slowed-down frights were a decent touch. Now while some people might find the characters’ actions at times a bit too goofy and non-thought provoking, it is a valid point, but not everything can hit on all counts when it comes to films of this level – it’s not a killing point, and the movie is surely worth a one-timer for those looking for a little lights-out action. Give this one a peek when it crawls your way.

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