DC’s Shudder Pick of the Weekend – Carved: The Slit-Mouthed Woman

Time to head out to the Far East for a little urban legend fare… Get ready to meet The Slit-Mouthed Woman, another ghoulish girl who could give Kayako and Sadako a run for their yen!

Our Shudder Pick of the Weekend is Carved: The Slit-Mouthed Woman, directed by Kôji Shiraishi and starring Eriko Satô, Haruhiko Katô, and Chiharu Kawai.

In this violent Japanese fright flick based on a popular urban legend, a disfigured female ghost begins kidnapping children in a small town. They call her the “Slit-Mouthed Woman” because a gash across her face gives her a monstrous appearance, similar to the villain in Ichi the Killer. When local kids start disappearing, two teachers realize they must stop her before their students wind up dead. Though Kôji Shiraishi’s (Grotesque) terrifying tale owes a clear debt to Candyman and Ring, the devilish director manages to put his own uniquely perverse spin on the subject matter.


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