Cary Fukunaga and Chase Palmer’s It Script Makes its Way Online

While I couldn’t be more excited for Andy Muschietti’s It, which is based on Stephen King’s novel of the same name, there will always be a part of me that’s curious to know what Cary Fukunaga’s version would’ve looked like. After all, the guy behind the first season of “True Detective” helming a Stephen King story? Count me in!

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Fukunaga’s approach was to make, in his own words, “…an unconventional horror film.” From the sound of it, he really wanted to create something that was deep and intellectual, a chance to make these characters rounded and fleshed out. He puts it as, “…an elevated horror film with actual characters.” Obviously there would be scares because how could one do It without trying to terrify audiences? But the fact that Fukunaga approached the film with such a perspective feels comforting to this horror fan. To know that there are people with such a respectable pedigree behind them who feel that horror can be far more than what the Hollywood bigwigs see it as is rather heartwarming.

While we will never see Fukunaga’s vision come to life, it looks like the script he wrote with Chase Palmer has made its way online and can be read by anyone who doesn’t want to be hit with potential spoilers. Whether any of it has been used by Muschietti and his team isn’t known and most of us have seen the mini-series but it still might be prudent to avoid the script if you want this new experience to be as untainted as possible.


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