DC’s Shudder Pick of the Weekend – The Manitou

Here’s hoping you have lots of “party favors” on hand for this week’s Shudder Pick of the Weekend because lord knows The Manitou is one of those rare flicks that makes you feel stoned after watching it regardless of your current psychedelic state.

A growth on a woman’s back turns out to be the reincarnation of an evil medicine man in this insanely strange cult horror hit. Harry (Tony Curtis) is a fortune teller confronted with real magic when his girlfriend’s tumor starts causing scary things to happen. Harry discovers an evil shaman is birthing himself on Karen’s back; and when he’s born, she’ll die. So it’s time to call on all the manitous (spirits) of the world, leading to a final showdown that takes place (obviously) in outer space! If you’ve never seen this before, strap yourself in. It’s a very wild ride.

I mean, really, where else can you see a tiny Native American grow out of a chick’s back before zooming off into the galaxy? ONLY IN… THE MANITOU!

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The Manitou

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Jon Condit

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