Synapse Releases Suspiria Comparison Photos Against Videa’s Blu-ray Edition

Dario Argento’s 1977 Italian film Suspiria is one of the most highly regarded genre titles in the history of horror. Definitely hailed as one of the most beautiful, it also features one of the best opening sequences as well as one of the catchiest and most memorable original soundtracks. Therefore, it’s no wonder that any release is going to catch a lot of attention.

Three years ago, Synapse Films announced that they would be releasing a Blu-ray edition of Suspiria, and it seems that the delay in getting it to us is because they’re going over every single frame with a fine-toothed comb. To prove how much work they’re putting into it, they just posted several comparison photos of frames within the Italian release by Videa alongside their own upcoming restoration, which they state will be coming out this year.

Synapse states that they are posting the photos publicly “…without further comment,” but it’s easy to see what a difference there is between the two editions. Synapse’s edition just looks far more alive and vivacious. There is a clarity and beauty to their frames that makes Videa’s look drab and flat. The colors of the films seem to explode out from Synapse’s screenshots, which proves, at least to me, that the long wait will certainly be worth it!

See the comparisons for yourself below.

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