5 Funniest Moments from iZombie

“iZombie”, a loose adaptation of the comic book series of the same name published by DC Comics, first found its way onto our screens in 2015 via The CW and, since its addition onto Netflix, it’s also garnered a global following.

And, can I just say, as a British person, Ravi is my hero. The whole cast are good but, mate, Ravi is just great.

The success of the first two series has resulted in The CW renewing “iZombie” for a third installment, which is set for release in the first week of April 2017, and has got me thinking…

What moments stand out from the first 32 episodes?

Well, here is my rundown of the five greatest moments from the first two series.

5 – Gay Brains

This one happens during the episode “Maternity Liv” in the first series when we’re still unsure as to whether Liv and Lowell are actually going to become an item.

Lowell eats some brains and, when kissed by her, he backs away from Liv slightly and then says “Eurgh” – at this point the audience is confused as much as Liv is horrified. She tells him that she’s “never had anything close to ‘eurgh’ before” before he can explain.

It turns out that Lowell has simply eaten the brains of a gay man. Not only was this hilarious to watch unfold but it also told us to what extent eating a brain can have on someone in the “iZombie” universe.

4 – Liv Hacks

This one isn’t so much a specific moment but a series of events that take place during the episode “Virtual Reality Bites” from the first season of “iZombie.”

Liv eats the brain of a notorious hacker and obsessive gamer; as well as gaining the awesome hacking ability of the computer whizz, she also inherits his unhealthy addictions.

Rose McIver, who stars as Liv, doesn’t exactly fit the profile of what you might imagine a typical online troll and hardcore gamer might look like but that’s exactly what Simon Cutler, AKA SIM Reaper, was and Liv role-playing as him is great stuff.

3 – Florida Georgia Liv

The whole episode “Even Cowgirls Get the Black and Blues” is pretty funny, with Liv using country dialect throughout much of the second series’ episode – even giving Ravi the nonsensical “you don’t know whether to wind your watch or scratch your ass” line.

Maybe the comedy is amplified for me because of my love for country music and the culture that surrounds it but the episode peaks when Liv is on stage in a tonk bar, guitar in hand, and she begins to sing.

This part it by no means hilarious but, considering how anxious Rose McIver was to sing it deserves a mention in my books.

2 – The Weatherman

During the episode “Astroburger” from the first season, Liv finds Johnny Frost at the morgue to identify the body of Scott E. It turns out that Scott was his drug dealer. Well. No. He wasn’t, as Liv is imagining all of this but, on first viewing, this is what we are to believe.

The whole escapade that the duo go through is a great laugh; Liv breaks into apartments, Johnny is a big dope that just repeats weatherman cliches and they’re an unlikely, successful team.

Shame it turns out it was all in her head.

1 – Zombie Star

This one takes place during the episode “Method Head” in the second series; on the set of the fictional TV show “Zombie High”, an extra says “You know what would be fun? A zombie show where a zombie is the star,” but only before Babineaux, after thinking for a moment, says “That’s dumb”.

Not too dissimilar to Deadpool, “iZombie” found a perfect opportunity to be full-on meta. But they didn’t just leave it there; after Babineaux made his comment he began to twitch so Liv asks him what’s wrong and he replies “Zombies freak me out”.


I’ve tried to find some clips of what I’m going on about from each episode but that’s not always possible – if you’re interested in “iZombie,” the first two seasons are available now on Netflix and the third season will be coming on April 4th 2017.

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