Exclusive: Venture Into the World of Yldiane in This Graphic Novel Excerpt

Agate RPG is the company that publishes Shadows of Esteren, a tabletop medieval horror RPG (among other platforms) that blends elements of “Game of Thrones” with H.P. Lovecraft’s The Call of Cthulhu. While the project lives mainly on gamers’ tables,… Continue Reading

Ice Nine Kills Celebrates The Shining Anniversary With Themed Track That Includes Stanley Kubrick’s Grandson!

The Shining

If you didn’t know, this week marks the 37th anniversary of Stanley Kubrick’s brilliant adaptation of Stephen King’s The Shining (and the 40th anniversary of the novel’s release), although the acclaimed horror author is notorious for not sharing that opinion!… Continue Reading

George Pavlou’s Little Devils: The Birth Getting Limited Edition DVD and VHS Release

The 1993 horror/comedy Little Devils: The Birth is getting a limited edition DVD and VHS re-release through Shivers Entertainment. And by “limited” I mean that the VHS version will be put out as a scant 25 copies so if you… Continue Reading

First Casting News for Channel Zero Season 3 Includes Teen Wolf’s Holland Roden

Season 2 of Syfy’s “Channel Zero,” subtitled “No-End House,” arrives this fall; and as we learned back in February, the network is already planning two more. No more details were available when the announcement was made, but today we have… Continue Reading