Exclusive: Stargoyles Invade Earth in the Trailer for The Asylum’s Alien Convergence

Alien Convergence

Alien Convergence is one of them newfangled Asylum mockbusters. Whereas, in the old days The Asylum would have done a carbon copy with a slightly different name, now they’ll just slap a marketable mockbuster moniker on a movie with no… Continue Reading

The Definitive History of Charles Band’s Full Moon Finally Gets Told in It Came from the Video Aisle!

There’s going to be a Full Moon right before Halloween this year, but it’s not “that” kind of full moon. It Came from the Video Aisle! hits bookshelves October 28th, promising to take readers inside Charles Band’s Full Moon Entertainment… Continue Reading

Severin Films to Melt Your Blu-ray Players with The Devil’s Rain

The Devils Rain

The 1970’s were a wonderous time for “Satanic Panic” movies, and few of those satanic shockers ended as wonderfully wacky as the over-the-top 1975 chiller The Devil’s Rain. No spoilers here. Let’s just say if you’ve never seen The Devil’s… Continue Reading

Deep Hurting Returns as Netflix Unveils a Trailer and Premiere Date for Mystery Science Theater 3000

Long before everyone could live snark a movie on social media or ruin a retrospective screening with snickering and running commentary, there was “Mystery Science Theater 3000.” Following the most successful Kickstarter campaign ever and thanks to the magic of… Continue Reading

Vestron Video Collector’s Series Granting Your Greatest Wish With the Wishmaster Collection 4-Film Blu-ray Set

Wishmaster Collection

Sure, a steelbook special edition fully loaded collector’s edition Blu-ray of Popcorn is nice and all but how can that news possible top Lionsgate’s surprise announcement today that they’re dropping a four-film Blu-ray collector’s set of the Wishmaster franchise at… Continue Reading

I Was a Teenage Wereskunk (2017)

Starring Scott Monahan, Shey Lyn Zanotti, Charlie Farrell, Amy Heidt, Sean Cork, Melanie Minichino Written and directed by Neal McLaughlin Take an homage to 1950’s monster movies, a dash of John Waters’ Hairspray, sprinkle in some silly Zucker Bros.-style comedy,… Continue Reading

Witness Epic WTF-ness with the Trailers for I Was a Teenage Wereskunk and Giantess Attack

Just when you think you’ve seen it all, along come two b-movies whose very existence is guaranteed to make your eyeballs explode as your brain melts into a fine goo. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you I Was a Teenage… Continue Reading